Friday, September 24, 2010

Rush Holt: A Big Fan of Israel...For The Next Six Weeks

Oh, that wacky Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ). Constantly taking anti-Israel stands shoulder to shoulder with barely disguised anti-Semites, and then wonders why he's lumped in with them....

Currently on a Jersey Jew ass-kissing tour, motivated primarily by pro-Israel groups
pointing out his hateful stances, he's attempting to portray himself as a real pal of Israel while refusing to (or unable to) understand how his alliances give lie to his current Kabuki show. Some interesting insight into the Congressman's twisted dance comes from his recent meetings with local Orthodox groups:

Both meetings came as Holt fended off an attack from a conservative pro-Israel group. An ad by the group, the Emergency Committee for Israel, criticized Holt for his support of the left-leaning Israel advocacy group J Street and his signature on a letter urging Israel to ease its blockade of Gaza in order to allow in more humanitarian aid.

Participants said Holt denounced the television ad by ECI — which was founded by conservative strategist William Kristol — which asserts Holt is “against” Israel.

“It was a very timely meeting because the ad came out two days before,” said Falk, “and he really came in guns ablazing to defend himself against the ad.”

Falk said Holt defended the letter on Gaza, which he and 53 colleagues signed in the wake of June’s flotilla incident. The letter was the initiative of Democratic Reps. Jim McDermott from Washington and Keith Ellison from Minnesota and was drafted by J Street.

Falk added that Holt was “adamant” that the letter was innocuous....

“We said that may be, but you have to look at it in terms of who else is signing it and who you are aligning yourself with,” said Falk. Holt is “a smart guy and I think he’s very sincere, but I don’t think he got it at the time in terms of Orthodox sensitivities and I’m not sure he still gets it even after the meeting

Sorry, Mr. Falk, Holt is not that smart at all. If he can't understand why standing shoulder-to-shoulder with anti-Semites would piss off the Jews, well, it leads me to believe our liberal rocket scientist has got some serious flaws in his navigation console, so to speak.

Is he sincere? Sincerely concerned about re-election, with a well-funded Republican and an irritable electorate breathing down his neck. Frantically, he scrambles around Jersey, desperate not to lose his Jewish support, trying to convince them that he really does care about their interests, while refusing to budge on any of his positions that are slowly but surely pissing them off.

Will Holt's Jersey Jews fall for his left-wing sweet-talk? Yup. They are the abused wives of the electorate, just taking the beating day after day, and forgiving when their teary-eyed abuser tells them they did it out of love...

They deserve him. Me? I'm told that my mumblings during Sabbath services are going to get me ejected one day...

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