Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBC, Unions Collude on Strike Dates?

Man, our MSM are pikers compared to the media bias/union collusion they have going on across the pond...

It's just a coincidence, no doubt, but the days set for job actions by the BBC's primary unions just happen to coincide with two events that not only fail to suit their political preferences, but could in fact damage both the union's bargaining position and the BBC long-held bias position. What better way to for both sides to win then to collude on a virtual news black out? Via Biased BBC:

The BBC's main unions have announced strike dates in a dispute over proposed changes to the corporation's pension schemes.

Dates for a strike have been set for 5 and 6 October, coinciding with the Conservative Party Conference.

Members of Bectu, the NUJ and Unite will first be consulted on the latest proposal from the BBC, which was presented earlier on Monday.

If this is also unacceptable to the membership, the strikes will go ahead.

Further action is scheduled for 19 and 20 October, which coincides with the government's Comprehensive Spending Review.

The developments follow formal discussions with the BBC about the latest plans to cut the pension deficit.

The unions won't get a lot of sympathy from the public after hearing how broke their government is, primarily due to things like - union pensions. The BBC, which supports higher government spending (except on its own employees), certainly doesn't want the British public to hear an opposing point of view, either. Ironic how the announced "strike dates/news blackout" synchronizes perfectly with both of these public-sector whores ideological needs.

Watch for an agreement between the BBC and it's unions on October 21st...

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