Friday, September 03, 2010

In A Foxhole With Two Presidents

Victor Davis Hanson has a brilliant piece up - Bush...Come Back Bush, Come Back - in which he lists ten reasons why we pine for our ex so. Read the whole thing, I am just going to excerpt part of his conclusion - a hilarious and painful analogy:

Americans would prefer to be in a foxhole with George Bush, who would swagger and announce as decider-in-chief at H-hour, “OK, pard, we’re going over the top together on this one.” They wouldn’t want to be with Obama, who would stutter and give a long-drawn out exegesis why race and class had condemned us to such an unfair predicament, whose only solution is to go into a fetal position and condemn “them” who did this awful thing to us.

Incidentally, have you read the papers lately? They've obviously chosen who they'd rather be in the foxhole with; and they are right smack in the middle of the "condemnation" stage....

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Anonymous said...

Personally I'd choose Teddy or Abe Lincoln, both were ground pounders and educated in modern warfare, but I digress.

Good analogy and something says you'd be right. Obama is incapable of thinking on his feet intelligently. When he does he makes huge, egg on face mistakes (Havard police comes to mind). Bush, for all his faults, was accruate on the threat and how to deal with it. He also made a decision, adjusted when it hit resistance and found better avenues of approach to our national issues.

I miss Bush. I served for 8 years as he was President. By all accounts he is an honorable man who deserves our respect and thanks