Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wanna See a Koran Burn?

So, it appears as if Florida minister Terry Jones has called off the Great Koran Burning of 2010. John Hinderaker comments:

The amount of pressure that was brought to bear on Jones and his parishioners (I assume he has some) was remarkable. President Obama made a personal appeal; virtually every political leader in both parties begged Jones not to burn the Korans; religious leaders unanimously denounced Jones's plan; and he was visited by the FBI...We now have firmly established the principle that you can kick Bibles and other scriptures around all you want, but no one in the world can act disrespectfully toward a Koran. It is, perhaps, a watershed moment.


...his bank has called the loan on the church property; the church's insurance company has canceled its policy, and the church's ISP provider has removed the church's website. The United States of Dhimmitude is now in full appeasement mode.

I really thought the whole thing was a sorry publicity stunt, enhanced and magnified by a media desperate to prove that Americans are in the grip of full-throated Islamophobia, whatever the f*ck that is...until all the above pressure was brought to bear upon a man exercising his right to free expression. That pissed me off. So...we go to Blazing Cat Fur, where we get a yawn, and a good point: They've been burning the Koran for years on YouTube...

So in the name of sticking a finger in the eye of Barack Obama, the FBI, al-Qaeda, and Ground Zero mosque Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf - who
threatened rioting to rival the "Danish Cartoon Fury" if he was forced to move his Victory Tower - I'm going to show you what a burning Koran looks like.

And remember - Barack, Bloomberg, Feisal, et al - that you brought this on yourself:

UPDATE: Pastor Jones says he was lied to, and the burning will go forward...


Jkw said...

I say to Pastor Jones
"Burn the Fucking Thing"

Anonymous said...

Burn this old testament tunnel vision, back ward peace of bog role. We had the refromation in the west thats why we split the atom,detonated the H bomb, landed on the moon, built aircraft, & have a high tech world to live in which all these head bangers benefit from as well. I say carpet bomb these cave men with B52s.