Monday, September 13, 2010

NOW or Never: Group Wants More Chicks Around Obama

What's the matter, NOW - this was not the president you had been Hoping for? Or are you guys just, you know - frickin' insane?

President Obama is facing new criticism from women’s rights groups for failing to nominate a woman to his core group of economic advisers.

Obama on Friday named longtime adviser Austan Goolsbee to head the Council of Economic Advisers after Christina Romer left to return to the University of California at Berkeley.

Women’s rights groups -- including the National Organization for Women (NOW) and The New Agenda -- have sharply criticized the White House for not including more women in prominent positions overseeing the economy and financial policy.

Sorry, ladies - you got hosed, like the rest of the American people. Con artists rarely abide by any type of quota system when pulling off a scam.

But really - how much girl power is enough for NOW? As Jen Rubin points out, they already have the secretary of state, the secretary of health and human services, the labor secretary, two new Supreme Court justices, and a potential chief of staff (Valerie Jarrett).

It's never enough. After all, if NOW were to admit that the amount of women placed in high positions by Barack Obama was sufficient, what reason would the organization have to exist? Thus, the way groups like the SPLC find racism under rock, NOW finds gender-bias in every cubicle. It is less the success of the cause than the survival of the organization that is paramount, and since one cancels out the other, we will never be free from the bias barons of the Left. Alas for us...

Ironically, Obama has named roughly the same number of women to powerful Cabinet posts as President George W. Bush. Does that make Bush a feminist, or Obama a Nazi? We ask, you decide....

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