Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Wins, NRSC To Commit Hari-Kari?

There's just no other way to describe this petulant reaction to the loss of "their" candidate:

Immediately after the primary was called for O’Donnell, the NRSC said they would not be spending any money to support her general election campaign.

Maybe they spent too much time in bed with
this loser:

A Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) campaign source confirmed to The Hill late Tuesday that the longtime congressman will not be endorsing Christine O'Donnell.

As to whether the national party would back O'Donnell, a Castle campaign source said the campaign has no knowledge of their thinking but said "they should save their money."

Jim Geraghty gets a clue why the Delaware Republicans were so rebellious last night:

If you’re mad as hell about what’s going on in Washington — and it’s not like Delaware is spared the recession — what message do you send by shifting the kindly, gentle-voiced, conciliatory, consensus-minded moderate guy from the House to the Senate?

And why would you contribute to an organization that claims to value you as a member, yet spits in your eye when you refuse to fall in line behind a flawed candidate? The NRSC's reaction is not just directed at O'Donnell, but at all of us for ignoring their elitist picks and preferring candidates such as Rand Paul, Sharon Angle, Marco Rubio,
Carl Paladino (who trounced Rick Lazio, the choice of the moribund NY GOP establishment 63%-36%), and yes - Miss O'Donnell.

The NRSC is going to be finished unless they get on board, and fast. When O'Donnell closes the gap - and she will, or my name is Scott Brown - it will be too late for the NRSC to jump aboard, and their treason against the party faithful will be too deeply ingrained among the voters; not just in Delaware, but nationwide. And at that point, they become nothing more than a holding company for corporate and lobbyist cash. The people that comprise the Republican Party will have long abandoned them.

John Podhoretz gets it:

The presumption among delighted people on the left-liberal side is that all this roiling on the right suggests a party in disarray and a movement intent on cannibalizing itself. That’s one way to look at it. The other is that the GOP is actually expanding and seizing the populist mood that seems to be the national direction — even though the GOP leadership, especially in the Senate, is finding the whole business unnerving and destructive.

(I like this, too, from the Rottweiler, who describes the NRSC reaction to the Castle loss as "the snotty temper-tantrum of a bunch of infantile brats...")

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