Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque: We Refuse To Condemn Slaughter of Israelis

And these are the moderates we are supposed to welcome to Ground Zero in the spirit of peace and harmony: Muslims who refuse to condemn the slaughter of four Israeli civilians on Tuesday, one of them a pregnant mother. Michael Goldfarb has the goods on the human scum who are angling to desecrate the memory of the fallen, with the help of our political class:

Even for those who see nuance in terrorist attacks, this one didn’t leave a lot of room for argument....

...the “moderate” Muslims of the Ground Zero Mosque? They’re taking a pass.

There’s already been a lot of analysis of Imam Rauf’s position on Hamas – he’s against it, kind of, but unwilling to condemn the group as a terrorist organization.

So I asked the folks at Park51 – “I know @park51 is loathe to call Hamas a terrorist group....but as a gesture, maybe now would be a good time to say something?”

The group’s response:

"@thegoldfarb We have condemned terrorism and will continue to do so. We are an apolitical community center. Please allow us that respect."

You’ll note that they have not, and apparently will not, condemn this attack. And no one should allow them the respect of hiding behind a claim to be “apolitical.” At this point, this mosque is entirely a political statement, and a political provocation. All its staff does is engage in political incitement – there is no swimming pool or basketball court or interfaith dialogue, just a snarky, inappropriate, hyper-partisan Twitter feed. And a blanket refusal to condemn acts of terrorism against Israeli Jews.

Of course, they are entitled to (verbally) support homicide and even genocide in the name of wiping Israel off the map, just as they are legally entitled to build a mosque on our most hallowed ground.

But the fact that our government is supporting their efforts to do so is beyond the pale, and speaks directly to their rotted morality. Any politician that actively takes a role in helping build this abomination is in bed with Imam Rauf and the hatred of his followers, and is as responsible for their words and actions as our crooked Imam is.

You can't build a nest for vipers and refuse to take responsibility when the strike...

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