Thursday, September 23, 2010

New York Democrats Struggling To Hold Off "No-Name" Republicans

Imagine if New York had a Republican Party with a beating heart and a functioning brain. They'd have been at least somewhat more likely to present a field of viable candidates with financial backing for the 2010 elections, and would have had the entire nation focused on the "upsets" in the Empire State. As it is, talented nobodies, washed-up hacks, and upstate nutjobs running with "R"'s next to their names are making former "shoo-in" Democrats soil their panties.

In the
Attorney General race (the position being vacated by Andrew Cuomo):

A statewide Quinnipiac University survey shows Democrat Eric Schneiderman and Republican Dan Donovan locked in a statistical tie – 37 to 36 percent – with nearly a third of likely voters still undecided about who they want to succeed Andrew Cuomo as attorney general.

Eight in 10 voters said they didn’t know enough about Schneiderman, a six-term state senator, or Donovan, the Staten Island district Attorney, to have an opinion, with Schneiderman slightly better known.

Dan Donovan, by the way, has been an excellent public servant. If he can get some money behind him, he'll win. Hands down.

What about Kirsten Gillibrand, New York's appointed Senator, who has spent her entire tenure bankrupting the state she is supposed to represent? She's practically tied with an utter, total, complete hack:

Former Westchester congressman, Joseph DioGaurdi, the father of former “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi, trails Gillibrand 42 to 46 percent. Six in 10 say they have heard enough about DioGuardi yet.

The results come from the same poll of likely voters that found Cuomo with a mere six-point lead over upstart Republican Carl Paladino.

And speaking of "Crazy Carl" Paladino - his campaign had
a field day yesterday tying "Prince Andrew" to the now deeply unpopular Mayor Bloomberg:

Paladino's camp ripped Bloomberg's endorsement of Cuomo, and linked it to the support both men have given to the controversial Islamic center near Ground Zero.

"Of course, two of the biggest backers of the Ground Zero mosque are joining hands against Carl, a staunch opponent of this insult to the American people," said his campaign manager, Michael Caputo.

"His royal highness opposes the will of the people on the mosque, and subverted the will of the people on term limits, so it's no surprise Bloomberg is missing the point on this important election and climbing into the same royal coach as Prince Andrew.

"One upside to this: The two can stop passing Grey Poupon back and forth from their limousines. It's holding up traffic on Park Avenue."

Prince Andrew is now making "unforced errors", the first sign of a campaign in chaos:

Cuomo, in an embarrassing gaffe during an endorsement press conference, apparently misspoke when he told a questioner that he had once cast a vote for Bloomberg. His aides later said Cuomo had not. The mayor, a Republican turned independent, did not run on the Democratic line in any of his three election victories.

New York's blood still runs blue. But a series of tight races here could invigorate the Republican Party and allow for more serious challengers in 2012. Too late for the Great Wave of 2010, but 2012 will certainly have its own fair share of juicy targets....

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