Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kathleen Parker's 9/11 Column Begs Muslims For Forgiveness

Exactly what most Americans were thinking on 9/11: How do we properly apologize to the Muslim world for their slaughter of 3,000 Americans?

With this fine-tuned sense to the heartbeat of America, I am sure CNN's soon-to-premiere Parker Spitzer show will be a smash hit. Anyway, here goes Parker,
on her knees before the barbarians, on the anniversary of the day they attacked us, begging forgiveness for our stupidity:

I am writing you today as an American citizen who is deeply embarrassed by current events in my country.
....I am certain that many others feel as I do.

Please ignore Pastor Terry Jones. Many of us would like for him to crawl back under his rock and stay there, never to be heard from again. .... As a member of the news media, I am sorry we handed him a megaphone, and I apologize. Please be patient. In a few days, he will be forgotten.

Of more pressing concern, and less easily resolved, is the controversy in this country about the proposed Islamic cultural center... To say that an Islamic center can't be built near ground zero is to say that all Muslims are to blame. I don't think most Americans believe this even though a majority now say they would prefer the center be built elsewhere.

This can't be explained rationally because this is purely an emotional response

So let's boil down Parker's plea to our would-be killers as succinctly as possible:

-It's OK for you to burn Bibles and American flags, it is wrong for us to burn Korans

-The majority of Americans - 71% at last count - are irrational, emotional, and their arguments about why a mosque shouldn't be built on our hallowed grounds are not even worth repeating, let alone considering

-I'm sorry, we're sorry, you're right, we all suck, look at me, I'm on my knees - can't you pretty-please be nice to us now?

I can just see the old whore-monger, Elliot Spitzer, with his skull-like grin, nodding his head in furious agreement. Which makes me wonder: Just how successful is a show that humiliates and demeans the beliefs of three-quarters of the American people going to be?

Do the producers at CNN really believe that Americans will flock to watch a show that insults them, their intelligence, and their core values? Or are they really just suicide bombers of a different sort, willing to destroy their network in the service of their liberal beliefs, and in the hope of taking the rest of us down a few pegs as well?

Parker's insensitivity - a column like the one above is bad enough, but coming out today (OK, 9/12) is beyond the pale - and CNN's stupidity just boggle the mind.

Just what we've come to expect from the liberal elite these days...

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