Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pesky Jews are "Provocative" ; Deserve What's Coming To Them

I don't know...how else can you explain this statement from the chief mutt in the rabid dog pound that is the United Nations, in which he expresses his feelings about Israel's refusal to extend a 10-month building moratorium in Jerusalem?

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has also expressed disappointment at Israel's "provocative" actions...

It's provocative to build houses in a city that you have lived in since the first written histories of the Earth? Really? Let's get another opinion:

The US state department has said it is "disappointed" by Israel's decision not to extend its ban on settlement building in the West Bank.

Hmmm...it is "disappointing" for a nation to build homes in its eternal capital? But, of course, I assume it is neither "disappointing" or "provocative" for Muslims to build a mosque on the ashes of the Americans they slaughtered 9 years back at Ground Zero? No? That's "tolerance"? But what them should we show towards the Jews? Wait, here it comes...

The state department praised what it called Mr Abbas's restraint...

Really? Because he hasn't released the hounds to throw rocks at Jewish women and kill Jewish babies? That is praiseworthy, but Jews building a home in Israel is "provocative"?

Muslims building mosques on Ground Zero: Tolerable.

Abbas holding off before he kills innocent Jewish women and children: Praiseworthy.

Jews living in their ancestral homeland: Provocative.

Get the point yet?

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