Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Those who don’t fight real evils fight imaginary ones"

...that's from a Dennis Prager column today. But perhaps is should be slightly amended, to say "Those without the courage to fight real evils fight imaginary ones"....

Like the folks who claim radical Islam is not the problem, it is America that is the problem.

Like the folks who claim Palestinian terrorism isn't the problem, it's those pesky Jews occupying Israel who are the problem.

Like politicians who say that "global warming" is a greater danger to our national security than al-Qaeda.

Like presidents who say fighting the war on terror is a drain on resources needed to fight the real battle of our time: The fight to expand universal health care.

Like every person who claims that fighting terrorists only creates more terrorists. Who instead insist we should apologize for our wrongs. And then run. And hide. And if necessary, take another shot to the chops. But never, ever fight back. Just keep taking it. Because there is never a need to fight back. Or else certain folks would have to, you know, actually stand up and fight...

Remember the only word needed to describe the people above, be they in the media, in Congress, in the White House, or at your dinner table.


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