Friday, September 24, 2010

Stephen Colbert Seals The Democrat's Doom...

With Colbert's help, the Democratic Congress has been defined. With foreign threats multiplying, the economic crisis stagnating, the national debt swelling, and the citizenry up in arms, they respond by...inviting a cable comedian to a congressional committee to make mockery of themselves and the democratic process. I'm sure that'll pay dividends on election day...for the Republicans.

Mary Katherine Ham points out the, ah,...downside for the Democrats:

Now, they've managed to portray themselves, not just as fat and happy incumbents willing to irresponsibly throw our money at problems, but as fat and happy incumbents who hire a court jester with our money to entertain them while they irresponsibly throw our money at problems. That ought to be great for the party's message this fall.

Among the arguments this Colbert appearance makes harder:

Christine O'Donnell is somehow unqualified or too unserious to sit in a Congress that allowed that to happen?

Even the
eunuchs in the lapdog media sensed the damage being done here:

REALLY not sure this is funny," wrote ABC News' Rick Klein.

"Colbert's testimony made a mockery of Congress," said the Washington Post's Aaron Blake.

The Hill's Mike O'Brien said, "This might be the most amazing public stunt before Congress."

Nancy Pelosi
seemed to think the whole thing was just "great", however. Just like the stimulus bill, health care reform, and cap and trade....

I leave you with a revised version of the conclusion of
Animal Farm:

The citizens outside looked from jester to congressman, and from congressman to jester, and from congressman to jester again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

I guess I could have left the word "pig" in there; it would have worked just as well...

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