Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Washington Establishment vs. The American People

We've seen this for a while now, since Obama's poll numbers began their descent...but that was from the liberal cognoscenti, a group barely able to hide their loathing of their fellow Americans on their best day.

The explosion on the Right over the last few days, over the impending nomination/actual nomination of Christine O'Donnell has been nothing short of stunning, as the masks came off many on the Republican side of the establishment, as they vented rage at their fellow conservatives for not voting in the manner which was proper for their station. Despite their about-face, the initial reaction of the NRSC - a refusal to fund the O'Donnell campaign - will stick in the craw of the Tea Party for at least the remainder of this election season, and most likely through 2012. The perception, amongst the grassroots, it that when the chips were down, the Republican establishment joined hands with the Democrats and turned on their base with a vengeance, echoing the worst accusations made by the left and their handmaidens in the media.

Andrea Tantaros, of the New York Daily News, gets it, and puts it quite bluntly:
Stop mocking the Tea Party: If anyone is nuts, it's the elites and incumbents.

Best part:

So, with mud on their faces, both sides of the aisle are trying to shred the personal credibility of the outsiders. They've blasted O'Donnell for not liking porn and blasted Paladino for liking it too much. They call O'Donnell a liar in a year when the Democratic Senate candidate from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, lied about serving in Vietnam, and Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters face serious ethics charges.

Make no mistake: Paladino's racist and lewd email forwards were disgusting and wrong. But his message is right: New York is financially broken. The porn we should worry about the most is the screwing we've gotten from Albany and Washington, something that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo and other career politicians have no intention of fixing.

And although the outsiders aren't guaranteed victory, democracy has already won. Both Republicans and Democrats need to beware: The outsiders have broken into the institution of politics and cannot be ignored....

..or mocked, or scorned. For as these lifelong gladhandling, money-grubbing, two-faced politicos are about to find out, we Americans don't take to that type of treatment very well.

In fact, our first instinct always is to...push back. Twice as hard, as a certain president once said...

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