Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congressmen Rush Holt and Frank Pallone Vote "YES" on Tax Hikes!

Well, isn't voting to adjourn Congress last night, instead of voting on the measure to extend the Bush tax cuts across the board, a de facto endorsement of allowing these cuts to expire on December 31st?

Did either Rush Holt or Frank Pallone stop to think that both average citizens and small businesses - without properly understanding what percentages of their salaries would be confiscated by the government - are extremely likely to cut spending and hoard cash until there is knowledge and stability?

Did they realize that the upcoming pullback by the private sector is the worst thing that could be happening as we approach the holiday season, which some businesses rely on to generate the bulk of their annual profits?

Pelosi won the right to shut the House last night by one vote (207-206). If either one of these two despicable Jersey Democrats were the profiles in courage they so often claim to be (hey, it take courage to ram a bill your constituents hate up their collective asses!), they would have voted to stay in session, and worked to cut the federal taxation burden on their constituents, who are among the most tax-burdened in America.

But Rush Holt and Frank ("I wrote the health care reform bill!") Pallone - two of New Jersey's most liberal representatives - are not interested in cutting your tax rates, as their vote yesterday demonstrated. In fact, the opposite is true - they are looking to take more. There are other people more worthy of your money, and only Frank and Rush are smart enough to decide who gets it.

That is, if they are still in office.

Help Anna defeat Frank here.

Help Scott kick Rush's fat can here.

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