Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Castle v. O'Donnell - The Battle of Delaware Is On!

Until recently, I didn't really have a horse in this Senate primary race - Mike Castle, although a Washington insider and RHINO par excellence, seems to actually have a good shot to win the general election, and securing a Republican majority there. O'Donnell, while more ideologically pure, seems to be a bit of a whackjob. Let the chips fall....

But that was before I viewed this clip of Castle opposing the Iraqi troop surge on the House floor, declaring (start at about the 1:20 point) that "....it is clear to me that an increase in American forces alone cannot resolve this conflict...I believe the surge will be unsuccessful without a comprehensive diplomatic strategy to engage the international community...blah blah blah...". Via
Legal Insurrection:

About one of the most important military issues of our lifetimes, Mike Castle was wrong, and voted against a sitting Republican president/commander-in-chief. About one of the most dangerous and disengenious economic issues of our lifetime - the imposition of a cap and trade regime - Castle voted in support, and was wrong, as it has died a well-deserved death. And finally, not only did Mike Castle vote in favor of the DISCLOSE Act - a blatant attempt by liberals to limit political speech in defiance of the 1st Amendment - he helped Democrats write the damn thing. Sweet Zombie Jesus - this guy claims to be a Republican?

So...I've changed my mind. Win or lose, let's go down with our morality intact. For all six of my readers in Delaware, consider this an O'Donnell endorsement...

(Good people who respectfully disagree: Gay Patriot, Charles Krauthammer {via Robert Stacy McCain}, and of course, Jim Geraghty...)

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