Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jimmy Carter: Yearning For Another Civil War?

I think it is key for the Republican party's 2010/2012 hopes that Dhimmi Jimmy Carter be rolled out into the public eye as often as possible before the elections. The sight of the hatred, nonsense, and narcissism spewed by this wretched old anti-Semite only makes one reflect on the horror of his presidency ( Upon seeing a statue of the peanut farmer unveiled in Springfield, Homer Simpson shrieks , "Jimmy Carter!? He's history's greatest monster!", at which point the town riots) and the similarities to a certain Democrat in office today.

Sure, Jimmy's getting a lot of play today for calling himself a "superior ex-president" in an NBC interview, but
Republican Redefined finds even greater stupidity that flew under the radar:

“This country has become so polarized that its almost astonishing…. Not only with the red and blue states… President Obama suffers from the most polarized situation in Washington that we have ever seen – even maybe than the time of Abraham Lincoln and the initiation of the war between the states.”

Really? Because I haven't noticed that any states seceded from the union recently, unless the media has been keeping that under the covers. THAT is polarization. America today is in disagreement about the proper role of government within its citizen's lives, and we will have an orderly election in six weeks that will express the people's view more clearly.

If Obama "suffers" from polarization, it is because he, more than anyone, has done the most to create it. After campaigning as a post-partisan, reach-across-the-aisle reformer, he has governed as a hardcore leftist, broking no compromise and demonizing his opposition, whether in government or in the private sector.

Is Carter insane, stupid, senile, or just....another anti-American liberal Democrat, whose limited worldview cannot see beyond the artificial constructs of race and class warfare?

In other words, is he just an older version of...Barack Obama?

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Thanks for the link. Drudge created quite a backlog, but I will certainly be back to have another look. Keep up the good work.