Thursday, September 23, 2010

David Gregory of "Meet The Press" Claims Tea Party is Racist

Well, we've always known where they stood, and the claims of impartiality were always laughable. I guess confession is good for the soul...

David Gregory - host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” and longtime NBC White House correspondent, spoke to about 500 people at Seattle’s Town Hall back on September 21. When asked about the Tea Party, he starts out speaking rationally:

It’s a “populist, conservative, small-government, anti-Washington [D.C.] movement,” upset with “bailouts” and “too much deficit spending.”

Alas, he descends into madness:

“And a real antipathy toward Obama that in some cases is racism.”

Where is Gregory's proof of that assertion? He doesn't offer any, of course. Is it just one of those "known fact" (as opposed to a "proven fact") within Gregory's social and professional circles that the Tea Party is racist? Or does he just feel it is a politically correct trope that he must throw in when talking about the Tea Party - say, similar to the requirement to use the phrase "religion of peace" when talking about Islamofacism?

It doesn't matter. Apparently, when Gergory is on the air and discussing grassroots opposition to the President, he is acting upon the belief, or the necessity to believe, that the Tea Party's opposition to Barack Obama is at least somewhat rooted in racism.

Remember that, the next time he smirks when we are slimed...

And on a nastier note, am I free to say that David Gregory is a child-molesting sex offender who masturbates while watching Keith Olbermann reruns? I mean, I have no proof of that, but since facts are no longer the coin of the realm...

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