Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obama At Madison: "Where the White Woman Are At"

OK, I am paraphrasing a line from Blazing Saddles here:

.... but I suppose there's a reason why we haven't seen the overwhelming media coverage of the president's University of Wisconsin-Madison rally that we are usually treated to, especially when Obama is standing before an friendly crowd.

Granted, this photo is taken before the rally, but I seem to detect a certain...enthusiasm gap:

Not a lot of excitement here yet either (closer to the actual start time), but there is one thing here that seems to jump out at me: The crowd is predominately....wait, I can't say it:

...WHITE! (sorry, it just came out)
I mean, is there one face in this crowd - besides Obama's - that has a pigment other than pale?

I guess this sidelines the news lede - so many times recycled this year - of "The large, predominately white crowd at the latest downtown Tea Party gathering...."

Now let's watch for the inevitable Photoshop....

(top two photos via Ann Althouse)

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Kathy said...

Go to the Wisconsin Blog called Dad29 (a good conservative Milwaukee area guy) to see his post Wednesday about a possibly photoshopped "diversity added in?" photo of Obama shaking hands with UW-Madison students.