Thursday, September 23, 2010

Six Months In: Top Six Reasons To Repeal ObamaCare!

The Republicans stay on the offensive against Obama, the Democrats, and the media, with....facts. Something the aforementioned either refuse to provide, fudge, or lie about completely:

*ObamaCare makes health insurance MORE expensive for Americans:

-After having proclaimed, “If any bill arrives from Congress that is not controlling costs, that’s not a bill I can support. It’s going to have to control costs,” President Obama has recently admitted that he “knew” the Democrats’ health care law would increase costs.

*ObamaCare forces millions of Americans out of the health plan they have and like:

-Administration officials predict the Democrats’ health law could force up to 117 million Americans to lose their current health plan.

*ObamaCare discourages employers from hiring new workers, increasing wages, or retaining existing employees:

With unemployment continuing to hover close to 10 percent, Congress should work to ease the heavy burdens our small businesses have been facing. But buried in their health care law, Democrats included a $17 billion tax increase that requires small businesses to file a 1099 tax form for every business to which they make total payments in excess of $600 for all goods and services during the tax year. According to NFIB, “at $74 an hour, tax paperwork is the most expensive paperwork burden placed on small businesses by the federal government.”

*ObamaCare jeopardizes seniors’ health care:

-7.4 million Medicare beneficiaries who would have been enrolled in a Medicare health plan will lose their plan because of the $206 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage (MA) in the Democrats’ health law. Next year alone, 1.2 million seniors will be forced out of their MA plan or prescription drug plan.

Massive tax increases:

-The Democrats’ health care law contains $570 billion in tax increases and a dozen violations of the President’s pledge to not raise taxes on Americans earning less than $200,000 for singles and $250,000 if married.

*The cost of ObamaCare keeps growing & growing and America can’t afford it:

-Obama Administration’s own actuaries predict that the Democrats’ new health law will increase national health care spending by over $300,000,000,000.
-CBO predicts that federal health care-related spending could increase by an additional $115,000,000,000 or more over 10 years to just to implement the Democrats’ new health care law.

I'm only giving you one bullet point per; there's three or more for each one. They're free, take 'em out and spread them like confetti on this, the six month anniversary of Obama's "historic achievement", one that most Americans want to shove right back up his...

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