Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maureen Dowd, Christine O'Donnell, Evolution, and Me...

As a columnist and not a reporter, I suppose the dimwitted Dowd is entitled to her own opinions and facts, as she makes the following unsupported remarks in her piece today:

President Obama was supposed to be a giant leap forward in modernity, the brainy, rational first black president leading us out of the scientific darkness of the W. years. But by letting nutters get a foothold, he may usher us into the past.

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, John Boehner, Jim DeMint and some Tea Party types don’t merely yearn for the country they idealize from the 1950s. They want to go back to the 1750s.

Of course, she doesn't offer any proof that Palin, Demint, and the millions of "Tea Partiers" want to revert back to the days of slavery and Injun' scalping. Just saying it is enough to get her kudos from the crew down at Elaine's tonight.

Still, I would have rather seen proof about her first assertion, which I believe is even harder to prove: That Barack Obama is brainy and rational. For now, I'll buy the fact that he is, indeed, black...

Well, in all fairness, Dowd offers some evidence to back her assertion that the Tea Party is the equivalent of Islamic fundamentalism - she mentions a recent clip shown by Bill Maher in which Delaware's Christine O'Donnell denies evolution theory.

Well, if Dowd hopes that is going to be enough to convince anyone to continue on with impossible deficits, government-managed health care, and a cap & trade regimen, I believe 'ol Dowdy better get used to disappointment.

But let me speak briefly in defense of O'Donnell. While I believe strict Biblical creationism is a bit...far-fetched, given millions of years of fossil data, there is one question that evolution theory fails to address:

The existence of my very soul, which I deeply, devoutly believe to exist and to be eternal.

When Dowd and her rational buddies can prove to me that my soul evolved naturally, and that it contains no divine spark, I may yet go all-in with Darwinism. If they cannot, then I will maintain a very healthy skepticism towards current evolution theory, thank you very much.

And if, Miss Dowd, you claim you have no soul, and that the soul does not even exist, I believe you and I have very little to talk about.

And while it make explain many of the words and actions of both yourself and the liberal intelligentsia, it gives you precious little in common with your fellow man.

And it explains why, no matter how nastily you insult them, the people simply refuse to listen to you...


Anonymous said...

Good question - will liberals admit to being soulless, or claim the soul is a construct of the mind?

Either one would seperate them vastly from the belief system of most of the freaking world.

Personally, I think they believe the above (man created his owm soul, so to speak) - they are all way too "smart" to believe in any sort of "divine presence" within us. In fact, their whole liberal program is based on just the opposite, that we are soulless brutes who need taking care of by our intellectual superiors.

Would love to force an answer from them on that unique question.

LibertyAtStake said...

Dowd is a moronic social climber clinging to the New York effete socialite structure she would be lost without. Memo to Ms. Dowd: Here come the pitch forks, better find something useful to do for someone other than your effete Liberal patrons. Up to it?
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"