Monday, September 27, 2010

"One Nation Working Together...”

....all under the lash of..the AFL-CIO and the NAACP.

"One Nation Working Together" is the name of a left-wing rally taking place this Saturday in Washington DC at the National Mall, in an admitted attempt to upstage Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally and prove that they remain the driving force in American political life, and that they speak for America's middle class.

Really? Besides the aforementioned union thugs and race-baiters, who else amongst this rabble is claiming the mantle of middle class leadership ?

Oy vey:

American Federation of Teachers
Center for Community Change
Green for All
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
National Action Network
National Council of La Raza
Rainbow PUSH Coalition
SEIU: Service Employees International Union
UAW, International Union
United States Students Association
Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
Coalition of Labor Union Woman
Coalition on Human Needs
Code Pink
Coffee Party Progressives
Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Community Empowerment Network
Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago

Read the list - a tale of socialists, racialists, communists, environmentalists, and psychotics, all going to Washington DC on either the union dime or taxpayer dollars to vent their rage and scream bloody murder. Oh - and to represent the American middle-class taxpayer with a platform with demands that
looks like...

The rally’s platform looks like a liberal wish list: extend unemployment benefits, raise the minimum wage, end the foreclosure epidemic, enact legislation making it easier to join unions, increase infrastructure spending to create jobs, “fix our broke immigration system” and end immigration round-ups that “encourage racial profiling.”

Just the change America is hoping for. Will the media up-play it as much as it downplayed Beck's rally? Or are even they weary of claiming union-funded activism is somehow indicative of the nation's mood at large?

We'll see. But I think this rally will provide more laughter and scorn than enthusiasm and enlightenment, no matter how hard a complaint media tries to spin it...

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If you really want to see, tune in to Free Speech TV's live coverage of the One Nation march on October 2nd on DISH Network ch. 9415, DIRECTV ch. 348, or online at Peace, caleb