Sunday, September 19, 2010

Charlie Crist Is Going To Disneyland! On Donor Money!

Let us be glad this stooge decided to quit the Republican party before we had to run him out on a rail. The Miami Herald reports:

Gov. Charlie Crist and the disgraced former chairman of the Florida Republican Party took family vacations on party money, an audit released by the state GOP Friday shows.

The two men and their families vacationed at Disney World in June 2009 and put the $13,435.99 bill on the party's American Express credit card, according to the audit. Greer also took three personal vacations to fashionable Fisher Island near Miami Beach, one including Crist, at a cost of $10,992.17, auditors reported. Crist's wife, Carole, owns a home on the island.

Crist, who bolted the GOP in April to seek a U.S. Senate seat as an independent, denied not paying his own way at any time.

Technically not illegal, perhaps. But imagine, with this sense of personal entitlement, what Charlie Crist would have done with taxpayer dollars should he have ever reached the Senate.

Sorry, Charlie. Public office isn't for souless looters anymore...

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