Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Jersey's Rush Holt: Voting To Cut Jobs In His Own District

It is no stretch to say that Rush Holt (D-NJ) is adamant about raising taxes on individuals who make more than $200,000 and families that make more than $250,000. He's Nancy Pelosi's bitch, so what more would you expect?

Perhaps that a little common sense and mathematics could overwhelm "Professor Holt"'s rigid ideological bent?

Revoking the tax cut for the wealthy would raise some $700 billion dollars, so the Democrats claim. Maybe. That's assuming these folks keep earning at the rate they currently are, which, given the economic conditions prevailing, seems highly unlikely. Then again, how do you feel about transferring $700 billion from the private sector to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Rush Holt? Do you really think they're going to spend it better than you can?

Heritage.org has put together a chart, per Congressional district, approximating how many jobs would be lost if the Democrats confiscate more cash from the "wealthy" for them to spend on their favored political groups. The results for Holt's district, CD-12, are disturbing:

2011 Job Losses: 511
2012 Job Losses: 1,358
Total Tax Increase for CD-12: $2.5 billion dollars

I'll ask you again: Would you rather see this $2.5 billion in the hands of your neighbors, who will spend it in local business, in job creation, and in local investments, or in the hands of Congress, who will spend it on their friends and folks they feel may help them professionally and personally?

Is it any surprise, then, that Rush Holt is fighting to get his hands on your money? Don't worry, though - I hear he favors infinite unemployment benefits at top-shelf wages....

More on Rush Holt - did you know he takes money from
Nazi collaborators, and supports gratuitous infanticide , when he's not stealing your money, your hopes, and your dreams? MoreMonmouthMusings has been all over him...

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