Thursday, September 02, 2010

Another Oil Rig Explodes In The Gulf...

(updated at bottom)

....maybe Barack Obama will get it right this time? And by right, I mean will he finally be able to use a manufactured crisis to limit oil production, force cap and trade legislation through a soon-to-return Congress, and distract the nation from the unnatural disaster the Democrats are forcing upon us?

I can't answer that. But I can tell you I don't believe in coincidences. Regardless,
here are the facts as they stand right now:

An offshore oil platform exploded and was burning Thursday in the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles off the Louisiana coast. All 13 workers were rescued from the water, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

The explosion aboard the platform...occurred west of the site of the April offshore rig blast that caused the massive BP oil spill.

Patrick Cassidy, a spokesman for Mariner Energy, told CNBC that there does not appear to be any oil leaking.

Hmmm. We'll see. Lots of calm before the "storm of oil" during the BP Deepwater Horizon debacle.


The Department of Homeland Security said the platform, known as Vermilion Oil Platform 380, was owned by Mariner Energy of Houston. DHS said it was not producing oil and gas but the company in a prepared statement said that during the last week of August, production from the facility averaged about 9.2 million cubic feet of natural gas per day and 1,400 barrels of oil and condensate per day.

Vermilion 380 is believed to be a fixed, manned production platform — not a well being drilled for oil, like BP's Macondo well and not a floating rig like the Deepwater Horizon, the Times-Picayune reported.

"Developing", as they say. While Obama can be expected to start off (and end) by blaming Bush for poor oversight, we still need to know why these rigs keep blowing up off the Louisiana coast. Is it time to get the great conspiracy theory engine revving again?

If Obama really isn't wrecking these rigs for political gain - say, giving him the thrill of destroying the economy of the Republican South, the ability to loot the oil companies to pay for his social programs (that $20B from BP can't cover it all), and power to force the nation onto windmill & sunshine power as part of a cap & trade command economy - then what the hell is going on in the Gulf of Mexico?

Is is a new front in al-Qaeda's war against the United States? Is it the fault of a confused, yet messianic alien species? Or is there something else even more sinister going on out there, that involves top-secret, barb-wired medical facilities on the beaches of the Gulf?

Stay tuned...


A mile-long oil sheen can be seen spreading from the site of the burning platform the Coast Guard says....

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