Friday, September 17, 2010

D.C. Anchorman Fired For Speaking Truth About Obama

Maybe he'll wind up in one of Kathleen Selebius' "re-education" camps?

Having finally pushed the Democrats into power, the DC media isn't about to allow one loose-lipped, if honest, reporter spoil their party, even if "the party" is draining the nation's lifeblood.

WJLA (ABC) anchorman Doug McKelway was fired yesterday, after being placed on indefinite lweave, for daring to make
the following report:

Amid the ongoing BP oil spill in July, McKelway covered a Capitol Hill demonstration by environmental groups protesting the influence of oil-industry contributions to members of Congress.

In his piece, McKelway said the sparsely attended event attracted protesters "largely representing far-left environmental groups." He went on to say the protest "may be a risky strategy because the one man who has more campaign contributions from BP than anybody else in history is now sitting in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama, who accepted $77,051 in campaign contributions from BP."

After a brief taped segment updating efforts to cap the BP well, McKelway added that the Senate was unlikely to pass "cap-and-trade" legislation this year, because "the Democrats are looking at the potential for huge losses in Congress come the midterm elections. And the last thing they want to do is propose a huge escalation in your electric bill, your utility bill, before then."

Is there one item in the above that is not, in fact, 100% true?

No. But the truth no longer matters to our media; nor does balanced reporting as displayed above. No, what WJLA's news director and general manager, Bill Lord, wanted to see was something similar to the recent New York Times piece on John Boehner - long on insinuation (he takes money from lobbyists!), short on perspective (but nowhere nears as much as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid). Here, Lord no doubt wanted a piece extolling the virtues of the protesters (with a narrow-angle shot to increase the perception of the crowd size) and demonizing BP, as well as their Republican enablers.

Doug McKelway wouldn't give it to him. Doug McKelway gave us the truth. And for that, he lost his job.

But leave with your head held high, good sir, for as Marshall McLuhan said:

“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values”

McKelway tried to break that model. Alas, it may be too much for one man. But we are coming, all of us....

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