Friday, September 03, 2010

"This Is NOT The Recovery We Have Been Looking For..."

Obama tries a Jedi Mind Trick on the American people, and fails miserably. No Obi-wan Kenobi, he:

Noting the news of the day -- the Labor Department report that says the private sector added 67,000 jobs in August, the eighth straight month of job growth -- Obama remarks: "That’s positive news, and it reflects the steps we’ve already taken to break the back of this recession.

Asked what measures he is considering for the economy, Obama says: "Well, I will be addressing a broader package of ideas next week. We are confident that we are moving in the right direction, but we want to keep this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that's needed so desperately all across the country."

Another reporter asks if Obama regrets calling this summer the summer of recovery.

"I don't regret the notion that we are moving forward because of the steps that we've taken," he says. “We are moving in the right direction. We just have to speed it up.” Obama notes that he'll be having a press conference next Friday to talk about the economy further.

So - gaining 67,000 private sector jobs while cutting 131,000 government jobs (not mentioned by Obi-wan Obama), giving us 54,000 additional unemployed in August, leading to an increase in the unemployment rate to 9.6%, is "positive news". I doubt the Rebel Alliance - as the White House likely dubs the American people - is buying that, although they may very well take his next statement, that "this reflects the steps we have already taken" at face value.

And if this is such positive news, why must Obi-Wan Obama need to introduce even "broader packages" to help the economy? If we're already moving in the right direction, why would we need additional government interference? A clear mind the Jedi needs to defeat his foes, not a bipolar disorder....

And across the land we will still rejoice in the "Summer of Recovery", because The One has deemed it thus, despite rising unemployment and the increased dissatisfaction of the proles.

Sorry, mind trick has failed. This is not the recovery we have been looking for. Move along...

Although, there is evidence that Obama-wan Kenobi has made effective use of Jedi Mind Tricks in the past:

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