Monday, September 06, 2010

Michelle Obama On The Campaign Trail? Bring it!

Desperate Democrats, looking around frantically for high-profile support from someone who’s approval ratings aren’t below 50%, have set their eyes on Michelle For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country Obama. The NYT:

Despite stinging criticism of her summer vacation to Spain with daughter Sasha — aides warned her not to go, and the backlash was fiercer than they had imagined — Mrs. Obama is the most popular member of her husband’s administration. Having worked to build good will through nonideological causes like fighting obesity and assisting military families, aides say, she is ready to spend some of her political capital to advance President Obama’s agenda — and her own.

Well, being that elements of Michelle’s “fighting obesity” cause has found it’s way into Obamacare, it can hardly be considered non-ideological, especially when she advocates forcing doctors to measure the BMI of your children, and prescribe drugs to them if they are a bit chunky:

How much good will do you think supplanting a mother’s judgment with the government’s will is generating amongst the middle-class of America? Let’s see:

In a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 50 percent of those surveyed say they have a positive opinion of Mrs. Obama. That's down from 64 percent in April 2009 and 55 percent in January of this year. The first lady's positive rating is barely ahead of her husband's personal-approval figure, which stands at 46 percent in the new poll.

The first lady's falling numbers stand in contrast to the still-strong belief among some Washington political insiders that she will be a big asset for Democrats on the campaign trail this fall….News accounts suggested her "sky-high popularity," her role as "cultural and fashion icon" and her "incredible force" will boost Democrats across the country. Now, with the Wall Street Journal/NBC numbers, that's not so clear.

Have Democratic politicians been duped once again by a media simply telling them what they want to hear?

One can only hope. Michelle Obama, despite the media’s elevation of her to Nubian Princess and Archetypical Mother of the United States, is as equally ugly, ideological, and divisive as her almost universally loathed husband. She oozes elite elite condensation (sormugry if it dripped off that video and on to your screen) and know-it-all-ism; traits that will not sit well with a nation looking to take power back from a run-amok government.

It’ll take but a mere few stops before she says something equally repulsive as her “ for the first time…” remarks. The media will try to bury it, but out it will get, and a nation wary of having their own Marie Antoinette will turn on her with venom, making Barack’s approval ratings seem stratospheric in comparison.

And the media, who will defend her with cries of “racism” (which our perpetual victim will not deny), will only make people turn harder, disgusted by the abuse they are taking from the nation’s “elites”.

So bring it, Democrats. We want Michelle out there…she’ll just help us seal the deal…

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