Monday, December 04, 2017

Did Liberal Coaching Destroy Giants, Ben McAdoo ?


McAdoo pumped of the volume of the music during practice and spoke of “empathy’’ as a key ingredient in dealing with the millennial generation athletes filling his roster.


In a swift and stunning fall from grace, McAdoo’s brief and turbulent stay as head coach of the Giants came to an end, as he was fired after only two seasons...McAdoo’s tenure lasted 28 games, making this the shortest stay for a Giants head coach in 89 years... The last time the Giants fired a coach during the season was 1976, when they parted ways with Bill Arnsparger after an 0-7 start. Arnsparger was in his third season as head coach. McAdoo did not get out of his second year.

The New York Giants used to be the picture of NFL conservatism - in management, playing style, and etiquette. But, as Dan Bongino aptly noted:

We can now add the NY Giants to that list.

But NFL ownership seems to be made up of some slow learners. So don't be surprised to see the new coach installing "Xe" bathrooms in the locker room...

Friday, February 17, 2017

With One Tweet, Bill Kristol Exposes The Establishment and Destroys His Reputation

This one:

Yup.  Mr, Kristol prefers a nation controlled by secret police to a nation led by Donald Trump.  He prefers living in fear of unnamed agents exposing personal and professional secrets to keep a population in line than dealing with the bumps and bruises of democracy.

He's a sick man, leading a sick wing of political discourse.  And yet some at the Weekly Standard, as well as the National Review, still fail to understand their repudiation, perhaps even less so than the Democrats who are wandering in the desert, screeching at shadows while pulling their hair.

And so the Establishment Right too wails onto the abyss.  And their soul echos back to us from the deep.

 And thus we learn much that was once hidden, behind platitudes and policy papers...

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election Night SJW Meltdown

I mean, really - I tots was feeling this girl on Tuesday night, as the returns rolled in...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Troll Level: Grand F**king Master

May this face live in the nightmares of the mainstream media forever and a day.  "Rick-Rolling" the entirety of the hateful establishment by using their obsession with "birtherism" as bait, he pimped a new hotel while rolling out a dozen military endorsements, until finally issuing a 30 second statement on the bizarre origins of Barack Hussein Obama.

The grassroots right, after taking a pounding in the press for decades, thought that the dream of hoisting the media on its own petard was unachievable.  And we are.

And still the conservative establishment is scratching their head.  I'm beginning to think...well, I'll let 'ol Burnsie take it from here....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How To Talk To A #SJW...

This Hasidic Jew knows how.  No apologies for your faith, no explanations for your belief, no editing of God's law.  Just...this:

Incidentally, Donald Trump knows the same thing. And while I do not believe he will be around forever (as in much past January 2016), if this is his legacy...then he will have done this nation a much greater service than most ever might have anticipated....

And who is the aging social justice warrior?  Ladies and gentlemen, meet  Rina Deych.  In her own words:

The human species is in its larval stage of development. We have a lot of evolving to do. I believe there are positive and creative ways to satisfy our bloodlust without hurting anyone. I am a vegan / environmentalist / artist / healer. I satiate my craving for the macabre by dressing up like a vampire/nurse on Halloween....

...and these people claim to be your moral superiors, your social betters, the conscious of a nation.

Give 'em the finger.  Just like our Hassie friend here...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Lena Dunham's Boyfriend - Jack Antonoff - IS....Pajama Boy???

First of all, this is exactly what I would expect Lena Dunham's boyfriend to look like:

Kinda screams out "DOUCHEBAG", no?

But he reminded me of another douchebag, actually....took a moment, then it came to me...

Separated at birth. perhaps?  Jack Antonoff and...Pajama Boy?

Somewhere, all over America, women not named Lena Dunham are shuddering, as the image of 21st century masculinity causes their reproductive organs to autonomously atrophy....