Monday, August 30, 2010

Rush Holt (finally!) Called To Account For His Anti-Israel Stance

Well, I've been railing against Congressman Holt's chumminess with the anti-Semitic crowd for years at this blog, but my mere 200-300 daily visitors are just not enough to run this pathetic man out of office. Alas for my weakness.

But there is hope that the rest of NJ-12 will get the message, as the Emergency Committee for Israel has put out an ad targeting the repulsive views of my repulsive congressman:


The ad, which started airing Saturday in a modest but real buy, an aid to the group said, attacks Holt for signing a letter circulated by J Street pressing Israel to end the siege of Gaza and for speaking at J Street's conference with a Muslim leader who once hinted that Israel was behind 9/11.

Jennifer Rubin:

The group is saying that if the candidate himself is going to declare himself “pro-Israel,” it is fair game to look at his voting record and see if that is the case. ECI is not trying to define ”boundaries of acceptable American politics” but rather to recapture the term “pro-Israel” from those who invoke the label but who take positions that are antithetical to Israel’s interests and that are supportive of Israel’s enemies. You can take whatever stance you like, but if you’re going to call yourself “pro-Israel,” says ECI, then you’d better be so.

And what will the Jews of NJ-12 have to say on November 2nd? They are a formidable voting bloc in the district, but to Holt's advantage, the majority of them are Reform, a sect of Judaism more loyal to the Democratic party than to their own land, their own people, their own religion, and their own lives.

The ground has shifted in CD-12; see here for a brief analysis of the 2009 elections in Holt's counties, and how far they shifted...right. Still, while Holt's behavior towards Israel has been among the worst in Congress (and did we mention he was one of only three Congressman to attend Obama's infamous Ground Zero Mosque-supporting Ramadan dinner?), and although nationwide Obama's Jewish support has "fallen" to around 60%, it will be the rank-and-file middle class voters of the 12th who will decide Holt's fate. And the fate of the Jews, ironically. Scott Sipprelle is trying to get his message through, but you know what I've always said: If Zombie Hitler rose from the dead and ran for office as a Democrat, he'd get 78% of the Jewish vote as well....(although the party affiliation of Jews seems to be shifting quite a assume a 70% margin of victory for the Antichrist instead).

If only my fellow tribesmen worshipped at the feet of God, rather than at the false alter of secular liberalism. I worry for them, and for myself, by extension. The Lord has a way of showing his dismay with those who fall from the path, and he seems to be awful tough on the ones he denoted as Chosen...

UPDATE 8/31: Read the last paragraph of this op-ed from the New Jersey Jewish News to see what I mean...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, blame the Jews...!
Seriously - are they THE swing vote in this district?