Monday, August 23, 2010

Barack Obama has Found Religion!

...unfortunately, it's a non-traditional one. But at least we know where he spends his Sundays, as opposed to church:

...instead of attending church services at one of the dozens and dozens of quaint, island Christian churches yesterday morning, the commander in chief hit Our Lady of the Fairways, aka the Vineyard Golf Club, yet again, to play 18.

Obama again teed off with Chicago pal Eric Whitaker and aide Marvin Nicholson . Rounding out the foursome was Bill Lewis, a regular Vineyard vacationer who played with Obama and Whitaker last year. Once again, the press corps was kept far, far away from the presidential golf party.

Perhaps the Leader of the Free World is a little sensitive about his game. Because our spies report that Barry was hacking away at a ball in the bunker on the 12th hole - a la Judge Elihu Smails - before giving up and throwing it onto the green. was Obama’s second outing to the posh, private golf club since landing Thursday on The Rock. The prez teed off at 8:30 a.m. under cloudy, drizzly skies. A perfect day to be inside. Like, say, in church!

Is religion so repugnant to Barack Obama that he couldn't even pay lip service to the pious life that most Americans hold dear, by spending 90-odd minutes in church on a rainy Sunday? Is he so devoted to his own self-image, that of a man of "reason", that he feels it is beneath him to be seen praying to some type of so-called "god"?

Funny, though, that no matter how often he finds the time to slight Judaism and Christianity, there is always time to praise the Muslim faith, and give it at least the lip service that he so often denies the primary American faiths?

And they wonder why folks doubt his devotion to, shall we say, Western values, at the least...

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