Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pardoning Billy The Kid?

Kill anywhere from between 9 and 21 people, including two sheriff's deputies during a prison break-out, and what to you get? A pardon from a Democratic governor, of course:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is considering granting a posthumous pardon to Billy the Kid, angering descendants of Garrett who call it an insult to recognize such a violent outlaw.

Like all Democrats, Richardson's ideology demands moral inversions: Billy the Kid, murderer of civilians and law officers, is a misunderstood victim, and the real villain was famous Sheriff Pat Garrett, who ruthlessly hunted him down. And like a deluded 9/11 truther, all it takes is one flimsy conspiracy theory to win him over:
Some history buffs claim Billy the Kid didn't die in the shootout with Garrett and landed in Texas, where he went by "Brushy Bill" Roberts and died of a heart attack at age 90 in 1950.

Thin gruel for pardoning a killer of a dozen or so men, maybe more? You betcha:

Gale Cooper, an amateur historian who lives near Albuquerque, said a pardon by Richardson would be the "culmination of the hoax that contended Pat Garrett was a nefarious killer and Billy was not buried in his grave."

Cooper has written a book, "MegaHoax," to debunk claims that Garrett killed someone other than the Kid.

Richardson will be meeting with descendants of the Garrett clan shortly to discuss the pending pardon. Well, they'll get some explanation or another for Richardson's act of deifying a killer and demonizing the man who brought him to permanent justice. Well, at least it is more than the families of the Lockerbie bomber got when he was released on prison with a wink-and-nod from the Obama Administration....

Such a strange pursuit though, for Richardson. Is is his socialist liberalism that forces him to admire a thief and a killer as a "redistributionist" and a "revolutionary"? Doesn't this pardon raise the curtain a bit on who are the good guys (bank robbers) and who are the villains (lawmen) in the eyes of the Democrats? And does it not speak to the intellectual depravity of the party, not simply for the moral inversion but for the easy way the party regulars are duped into believing almost anything that seems to jive with their tightly-held radical ideology?

First Billy the Kid...who's next for rehabilitation for Richardson and the Democrats? See the mosque about to rise on the sight of the World Trade Center for a clue...

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