Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beck Draws 500,000 To DC, Media Mutters To Itself...

500,000 Americans - more than twice the high-end total estimated by organizer - showed up at Glen Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Shoot, I knew it was a success as soon as I turned on my computer and found no mentions of it whatsoever on Yahoo's home page, just quotes from Al Sharpton's counter-rally, which drew barely 3,000 race-hustlers and SEIU members. When the media goes silent, it usually means they're seeing something they don't understand, and/or something that scares them. And brother, why do I think the sight of a half-million conservatives pouring into DC caused more than one MSM hack to soil his panties today?

(A good time for a Jennifer Rubin quote: "...the left learns nothing and remembers nothing. It is why it is so drearily predictable and so often surprised")

But when the media recovered from a momentary stunned silence, they responded the way they always do when dealing with events beyond their comprehension - with vicious, mindless hatred.


The New York Times: It seems the ultimate thumb in the eye: that Glenn Beck would summon the Tea Party faithful to a rally on the anniversary of the March on Washington, and address them from the very place where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a dream” speech 47 years ago. After all, the Tea Party and its critics have been facing off for months over accusations of racism.

Bob Herbert: America is better than Glenn Beck. For all of his celebrity, Mr. Beck is an ignorant, divisive, pathetic figure...

David Broder: I did not stick around to see Glenn Beck's extravaganza at the Lincoln Memorial ... But I was more than satisfied by my memories of the earlier event at that site I'd covered for the old Washington Star, when the theme was civil rights and the speech of the day turned out to be the historic "I Have a Dream" oration by Martin Luther King Jr... And I've remembered this many times since, when people have tried to teach us to fear certain things, such as someone else's marriage or place of worship.

The AP pissed me off most of all (twice in one day); I don't think I can ever recall them using this type of lede before:

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and tea party champion Sarah Palin appealed Saturday to a vast, predominantly white crowd on the National Mall to help restore traditional American values and honor Martin Luther King's message. Civil rights leaders who accused the group of hijacking King's legacy held their own rally and march.

And the close? Classic:

On the edges of the Mall, vendors sold "Don't Tread on Me" flags, popular with tea party activists. Other activists distributed fliers urging voters "dump Obama." The pamphlet included a picture of the president with a Hitler-style mustache.

They are talking to themselves, telling each other what they want to hear, like the Nazis in the bunker in 1945. They'll soon come to the same end: An inglorious defeat to a reign that was supposed to last forever...

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