Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess The Profession of This Anti-Semite !!

A tale told by Carol Gould, of an incident at a "lovely house party" across the pond, in once-Great Britain, a few weeks back. We'll excerpt:

...A friend and I arrived at the party and were having a lovely time when a young man in a baseball hat sauntered over to me and said, “I have some questions for you.” I had no problem with this and sat down next to him on a bench in a cramped corner. He proceeded to spend what seemed like an eternity traducing Americans, Jews, Zionism, and Israel until I began to suspect he was a Nazi. When I attempted to defend my ancient heritage (I told him this will be the 5,771st Jewish New Year), of which I am as proud as would be a person of Egyptian, Indian, Chinese or Persian descent, he became irate. I thought he was going to strike me.

He was fixated on the Jewish lobby so I reminded him that many American banks are Protestant-run. When I reminded him of the good that Jews do, like writing virtually every Broadway and West End show, he erupted and said I was self-obsessed. “It’s always me, me , me — the Jews, the Jews,” he shouted. It is unheard of for me to scream and shout at a genteel summer garden party, but I suddenly found myself bellowing at the top of my lungs: “Listen, I am damned proud of my Jewish heritage and burst with pride at being an American.” It was impossible for me to get away from him because every seat was taken and I was hemmed in. Meanwhile, his little girl sat down across his lap and glowered at me as he ranted in an endless stream of the f word...

Let's get to the title question: What does this ugly bloke do for a living?

....He is creative director of one of the main British television networks! The anti-Jewish and anti-American abuse I nobly tolerated was astonishing in the context that he is in charge of output for a main channel watched by millions. It was deeply disturbing to me that a man with such high responsibility could harbor such rabid sentiments about Jews and Americans.

I'll go out on a limb and say he's a BBC man, as Carol mentions it's an after-party for a BBC show.
Everything you need to know about the sh*tbags at the BBC can be found here, at Biased BBC.
Remember when the Left used to cry out, "Why do they hate us"? Well, there's a clue for you, Jack....

Incidentally, I take issue with one of Ms. Gould's statements - "the abuse...I nobly tolerated". Carol, it is not noble to tolerate such abuse. The last time I ran into such a person at a party, I calmly removed the little drink straw from my glass, and poked the abuser in the eye. That too, is noble. Lefties love to spew hate, but when challenged physically, they revert to the little bitch inside of them...

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