Saturday, August 14, 2010

Backlash at Obama's Mosque Endorsement Racially-Based, Claims New York Times

A dog whistle to the race-card playing Left, but so off-key that it makes an ugly sound...From the New York Times "Political Memo", as they give play to Obama's attempted walk-back of his endorsement of the Ground Zero Mosque:

From the moment he took the oath of office, using his entire name, Barack Hussein Obama, as he swore to protect and defend the Constitution, Mr. Obama has personified the hopes of many Americans about tolerance and inclusion. He has devoted himself to reaching out to the Muslim world, vowing, as he did in Cairo last year, “a new beginning.”

But his “new beginning” has aroused nervousness in some, especially those who disagree with his counterterrorism policies, or those more comfortable with a vision of America as a white and largely Christian nation, and not the pluralistic melting pot Mr. Obama represents.

Can you hear that?

You know, what really gets me is when I started reading this piece, I thought it was a news article; when I got to the point referenced above I felt like I was reading opinion-page analysis...what the f*ck is up at the New York Times, anyway?

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Lisa Krempasky said...

Obama's lack of leadership about the mosque at ground zero is appalling. And the muslim insistence that it go there is another attack on the fabric of America. Tell me they are not on jihad. The president could have easily and quietly worked a deal for the mosque to go elsewhere or for the government to come in and buy that property. It's not rocket science. It's what he does everyday on the items that promote his agenda.