Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boston Globe: Shut Up And Watch Elliot Spitzer! (and learn what, exactly?)

And no, it's not because he will discuss the intricacies of deceptive whore-mongering (now that would be a ratings draw!). For some reason, the Globe saw fit to waste editorial space to defend a show that hasn't even hit the air yet.

Strange but true:

THERE ARE signs of more intelligent life in TV news, but critics, channeling what Michael Wolff of Vanity Fair called “the inside-baseball television-news diaspora,’’ are trying hard to snuff it out.

CNN, overhauling its evening lineup, recently announced a prime-time show co-hosted by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Kathleen Parker. The blowback couldn’t have been stronger if the network had chosen Tony Hayward and Rielle Hunter.

The Globe does not discuss the merit of the blowback, but simply defends Spitzer, who was apparently simply a great liberal caught up in a tiny, minor scandal - as if cheating on his wife with high-priced hookers was really his fault! C'mon, really now! How unfair that he be judge by such conservative standards! Isn't Spitzer in fact the victim here?

Yes, Spitzer will forever be marred by his use of prostitutes, but the demise of his political career has freed him up to be far more candid than the average moonlighting politico. Parker, a voice of common-sense conservatism, is notable for her willingness to break with the GOP herd; in 2008, she wrote that Sarah Palin lacked important qualifications for national office.

Ah. So here's why the Globe so desperately wants to see Spitzer's critics silenced - it's an opportunity for a longtime liberal to get a primetime speaking slot on a nightly basis, paired with a squishy conservative who is more likely to agree with him than disagree. Gee, whose agenda does that advance?

Love the way the Globe uses Parker's dismissal of Palin as an indication of "smarts" - smart because she agreed with the Globe's editorial board, I reckon. In retrospect, with a virtual revolution brewing across America, wouldn't it have been more interesting to have a liberal host a show who questioned Barack Obama's qualifications? And after all, when all is said and done, can't one argue that Sarah Palin is in fact more popular and powerful than our emasculated president?

Well, according to the Boston Globe, we shouldn't even be having this conversation now. We should shut up and watch the wisdom of The Whore-Monger when he graces our television sets come September, for the Globe has already informed us that, like God looking over his Creation, that it is Good.

Although God, at least, withheld judgement until his works was complete. The Globe, apparently, doesn't need to...

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