Friday, August 20, 2010

Daisy Khan: My Mosque Stays on Your Graveyard

Daisy Khan, wife of 9/11 conspiracy theorist, Hamas-lovin'. Ground Zero Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says her 13-story mega-mosque is going to be built on Ground Zero, whether Americans like it or not.

And - perhaps relying on advice from folks like Pelosi, Bloomberg, and Barack , Devious Daisy spouts demented Democratic talking points, as in
the opposition is just a bunch of racist Republicans, anyway:

The furor surrounding the planned mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero has "only strengthened our supporters. None of them have caved. They are circling the wagons around us. They know they could be next."
Khan said she is completely taken aback by the opposition.

She expressed surprise that "a community center for everyone in the neighborhood, to scale up and build up people of all religions, has become so skewed."

"It's hard to see yourself portrayed this way daily. But to me, it's an indication that the post-9/11 controversy is not finished. It's not over and neither is the healing. This is a teaching moment. A healing moment," she said.

She blamed partisan strife for stirring up people's emotions.

"It's hard for us to imagine we are in the thick of a controversy like this. The Republicans are really going after us," she said.

The uproar over the mosque, said Khan, shows that "there is still healing that needs to happen. There are bigger issues here and it's also about how Muslims are perceived.
When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?"

When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans, Daisy? When they start to show the slightest bit of sensitivities for American values, including not building a mosque on our hallowed ground. Don't spit in our faces, then act all surprised that we don't love you....

Another question for Daisy Khan: 63% of all New Yorkers are opposed to your "victory tower". In a city that likely has a Democratic registration of 63%, how can their opposition be explained away as Republican agitation?

Daisy is swinging at all the left-wing talking points, but missing badly. If she thinks this interview with the discredited Washington Post's liberal doyenne Sally Quinn is going to help her case, she's mistaken. She may move the meter with the political class, but she's only going to piss off more average Americans by playing the "Islamophobia" card, whatever the f*ck that is.

Daisy, I'd tone down your subtle anti-American rhetoric a bit. There's going to be a new political class running the show in about 90 days, and they don't hate their own country as much as you - and the Democrats - do...

Update: Ace makes the proper comparisons and comments here:

There are dozens of bureaucrats in NYC government tasked with making sure the government is sensitive to Muslim feelings.

Is there a single person at Cordoba House tasked with monitoring the sensitivities of non-Muslims, or victims of 9/11? Did they ask any of the 9/11 families if they'd have a problem with this?

No, they went right ahead because they don't give a shit.

And on my end-- If someone so aggressively tells me to my face they don't give a shit about my sensitivities, concerns, and values, then I am not going to extend myself a micron to understand theirs.

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