Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: Please Stay On The Campaign Trail!

Mike Bloomberg ran for Mayor of NYC as a Republican (when Bush was president), switched to an "independent" when Obama held the hot hand, but has governed over the 18 months as a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. And he's so proud of it, he can't keep his mouth shut.

Which, in my mind, is awesome. When he's not raising taxes or measuring your waistline, he's setting the tone for the Ground Zero Mosque debate with the highly popular "You should be ashamed of yourself with your dissenting, you ignorant bigots, so shut the hell up and kneel towards Mecca". And now he's gone on record endorsing Democratic candidates, including his infamous campaign appearance with pending Pennsylvania loser Joe Sestak, where he won over the common man by
buying a cheesesteak at a grocery store, then refusing to eat it.

I missed another winning Bloomberg quote from that "elite" event, incidentally:

"Those that think we should have fewer immigrants in tough times just don’t understand. We need more immigrants.”

To do what, exactly? Increase our welfare rolls and weigh down our healthcare system as they struggle to find work in the jobless desert that is Obamaland? Wonder if Sestak agrees with Bloomberg here...although I have a good feeling how the voters of PA feel. But they're just "clingers", and "bigots" and....well, you know....

But apparently Bloomberg has a plan to make room for all these immigrants he wants to open the border for: He wants to kill Indians! Not India Indians, I hasten to add, but...American Indians. You know, the ones that it is OK to kill because they are natives of America. And not only does Bloomberg want to thin their ranks - in the name of raising tax revenues, mind you - but he expresses it in a way that could even make the non-PC cringe:

A Native American tribe is calling on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to either apologize or resign after he said on a radio show that Gov. David Paterson — who’s trying to rustle up millions in cigarette taxes from the tribes — should grab “a cowboy hat and a shotgun” and demand the money.

The mayor made the comments last week during an on-air discussion about the cigarette tax the state of New York wants to impose on Indian tribes starting Sept. 1. The hike has already touched off a court battle, but Bloomberg called for Paterson to flex some frontier justice.

“I said, you know, get yourself a cowboy hat and a shotgun. If there’s ever a great video it’s you standing in the middle of the New York State Thruway saying, you know, ‘Read my lips — The law of the land is this and we’re going to enforce the law,’” he said.

That didn’t sit well with the New York tribes.

I'm sure. Like claiming Jews are money-hoarders, and a few good swastika-embossed jackboots would set them straight....

Exactly why I want Bloomberg on the trail. He is the embodiment of the American liberal elite - rich, effete, obnoxious, infused with an oversized belief in his superior intellect and morality, enough so that he feels that it is his duty to meddle in the intricacies of the lives of each and every American citizen. And if they complain, well - they can just shut the f*ck up, can't they?

Please, Bloomy. Stay out there. And keep talking. because you are so smart and wise and progressive that the world is lost without your pearls of wisdom.

And keep sticking tight to the Democratic platform while you're at it...

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