Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Not Sure Calling Us "Racist" Will Be A Convincing Argument

..second in a series!

First it's Maureen Dowd, explaining away the American people's disdain, disregard, and distrust of Barack Obama as no more than the raving of lunatics. Now we have one Ramzi Kassem to tell us why 20% of Americans think Barack Obama is a Muslim: Becuase we're all a bunch of racist hicks.

Wow, what love the "common man" is receiving from it's self-declared elite benefactors today!

Just in case we are too dumb to get the point, the left-wing NY Daily News titles the column:

Why they call Obama a Muslim: Rule out the other theories and the elephant in the room is race

Now, before Kassem can level his accusation, he needs to discredit every other reason that people have this perception of Barack Hussein Obama. And that's where, in his rush to tag us as racists, he trips over his own feet:

...the cause cannot be that Obama actually seems Muslim. There is no objective basis in his conduct for that view...

Well, that's false. There is a basis in his conduct for that view. Put simply: Obama, since becoming president, has spent more time representing Muslim interests to America than he has representing American interests anywhere across the globe. His famous Cairo speech (or "Cairo Capitulation") was a kowtow to the Muslim world, his attitude towards Israel has mirrored that of the most hard-line Arab/Muslim states, he has refused to lift a finger against Iran's creation of a nuclear arsenal, his anti-semitism is barely disguised and thinly veiled, he has honored terrorist supporters such as
Mary Robinson , and..oh yeah: At a Ramadan feast, he announced his support for a mega-mosque to rise above the ruins of Ground Zero. And of course, there's this, from Daniel Pipes:

...available evidence suggests Obama was born a Muslim to a non-practicing Muslim father and for some years had a reasonably Muslim upbringing under the auspices of his Indonesian step-father. At some point, he converted to Christianity. It appears false to state, as Obama does, "I've always been a Christian" and "I've never practiced Islam."

Based on the above, isn't it at least understandable that some people would view Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim?

Not to Kassem. Much like Maureen Dowd, the above facts cannot even be considered, lest he suffer "cognitive dissonance" and be forced to question their beliefs. To liberals in these troubling times, thinking has become a type of apostasy all of its own; note the hate rained down on Howard Dean for suggesting, regarding the Ground Zero mosque, that perhaps "65% of Americans are not right-wing bigots". So Kazam ignores troves of evidence that, if not supporting the fact that Obama is a Muslim, can at least explain why the perception exists. He must, in order to make statements such as this:

...explicit racism is no longer in vogue in mainstream America. These polls show that people are circumventing the taboo by using Islam as a proxy for race....

...For those who continue to feel estranged from a President who is not white, labeling Obama as Muslim is the sole available substitute for racial epithets that are no longer tolerated. Where they appear to take issue with prayer, those polled are really fixated with pigmentation.

Well, Kassem is merely a professor at the City University of New York School of Law. And from what I hear, getting a professorship in a CUNY is no harder than gaining admission as a student: The ability to breathe in, and out...

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