Friday, August 06, 2010

Charlie Rangel: Obeying The Law Is For White People!

Ah, the race card, the last gasp of the desperate stooge. Rangel, about to walk the plank an saber point, throws it all out there, hoping something sticks. Via Jammie Wearing Fool:

A defiant Rep. Charlie Rangel said yesterday his birthday-party fund-raiser at The Plaza next week is still on -- despite some nervous politicians who have backed out of the bash in the wake of his ethics woes.

Rangel also got a boost from Mayor Bloomberg, who aides said will attend the beleaguered congressman's 80th-birthday celebration Wednesday.

"It's not a birthday for them, it's a birthday party for me!" Rangel exclaimed after delivering a fiery speech defending his actions at a Columbia University business event sponsored by the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce.

Rangel was upbeat yesterday as he received rousing ovations from the Harlem faithful, who rallied around the 20-term congressman.

The Harlem Democrat yesterday likened himself to a defendant being asked to confess to crimes he didn't commit and dismissed talk of a plea bargain as "English, Anglo-Saxon" procedure for criminal cases.

Typical Rangel, "it's for me"! Just like all the money he's extorted from taxpayers and businesses over the years...

You know, perhaps the beleaguered Congressman shouldn't feel too pleased about the attendance of Bloomberg, who is now perceived by New Yorkers as being in the same race-baiting category as Rangel after accusing residents opposed to the Islamic flag flying over Ground Zero of racial and religious hatred. Is one race-baiter's racism justified by standing next to another? I doubt New Yorkers would think so...

And yet, the Harlem faithful applaud. The way an Italian neighborhood backs the local Don, perhaps, aware that they are in the hands of a criminal, and yet knowing they will at least get their share of kickbacks and payouts?

It's a nice scam, going on a quarter-century. Of course, if these black leaders actually cared about black people, they would have endorsed others and sent Charlie packing a long time ago.

But the African -Americans have their own elites, I suppose, and they live to support the establishment that elevates them above their peers, even as the people they claim to represent wither on the vine....

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Stick to the issues,
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