Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Race To The Top": Obama's Bureaucrats Screw New Jersey

File this under the list of things that would not have happened if Obama's bitch-boy Jon Corzine was re-elected as governor of New Jersey:

A furious New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie teed off on federal bureaucrats yesterday for allowing a clerical error on the state's application to eliminate it from reaping as much as $400 million in education funds.

The state finished 11th in the hotly contested Race to the Top competition and, under a point-based evaluation system, just three points behind 10th-place Ohio -- which was among the 10 winning states awarded a share of $3.4 billion in federal funding Tuesday.

Christie hit the roof when he learned that it was an error on one page of New Jersey's 1,000-page application -- which mistakenly provided data from 2008-09 rather than 2010-11 -- that docked the state five points, keeping it out of the winner's circle.

"You're not going to grant the award to New Jersey because of a mistake, a clerical mistake, on one piece of paper?" fumed Christie.

"This is the stuff that makes people go nuts. This is the reason why people want to throw everybody the hell out of Congress. This is why people are angry at the president of the United States. Does anybody in Washington, DC, have a lick of common sense? Pick up the phone and ask us for the number."

Christie also questioned why New Jersey didn't get credit for correcting the error two weeks ago.

"Are you guys just down there checking boxes like mindless drones, or are you thinking?" he asked

Oh, Governor, they were thinking, all right - not thinking of New Jersey's children, but thinking of political points to be scored and tallied. The last thing Barack Obama and the Democrats want to see is a renegade Republican governor in a formerly blue state be one of ten states to receive money under a federal program rewarding achievement in education - especially when said governor has been giving the unions fits. Screwing the children of New Jersey is a small price to pay to embarrassing Governor Christie and giving a talking point to their badly battered allies in the NJEA.

Do you think this would have happened if there was a Democratic governor in New Jersey? Never; the president and his cronies would have rushed here with an oversized check for a photo-op. But this is the punishment Democrats mete out to those who engage in apostasy; leave the plantation and they will do everything within their mean, spiteful power to hurt you. Trust me, if the minor application error wasn't made by the state of New Jersey, the DC thugs would have found another reason to dock the state the 5 points necessary for them to miss out.

Didn't Obama promise to "rise above politics as usual"? Instead, he's sunk to a new low, while harming a state full of hard-working, innocent schoolkids...

Christie takes responsibility below, his tirade begins just before the 2:00 minute mark:

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