Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Liberal Economics

Charles Krauthammer, dead-on.

This is how liberal economics works. The government takes your money in taxes, and then, it will deign to restore some of it as a loan, on which you have to go to a bureaucrat, you have to fill out a form, to get on your knees, you have to be nice, adhere to all the mandates. Then you get part of your money back with interest, or, in targeted tax cuts, which means the government will tell you how to spend your money, how to do your expansion of business, spend it on “x” and not “y.”

Krauthammer just leaves out the "why" here. It's because the liberals who will run things are smarter than you, and know best how to run your life, and the only means they have of realizing the control that is by birthright theirs is by choking you with taxes taken from every dollar you earn, then forcing you to engage in their preferred behavior to get some of it back. Like killing a man with his own gun. After you made him dance.

Of course, as the smarter class, they'll be exempt from most of these rules, and the tax laws designed to whip you into submission will only be optional for them. Making them richer and more free than you are, of course, while you are forced to pay to keep their oppressive system intact.

Like Orwell's pigs.

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