Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Hampshire Democrat Wishes for Sarah Palin's Death

The media blocked out all hints of the ugliness of the American Left in the 2008 election cycle. But with JournoList disbanded, the mainstream media discredited, and people finally seeing the truth through the smoke, stories like this will get out more often:

New Hampshire Democratic activist and State Rep. candidate Keith Halloran wrote in a Facebook post, of the Alaska plane crash, “Just wish Sarah and Levy were on board.”

Halloran serves on the Rindge, NH Planning Board and is a Democratic candidate for State Representative in Cheshire County.

And if you think 'ol Keith is just an outlier, well, he seems tied in pretty tight with certain members of the New Hampshire Democratic establishment:

Say, is this the same Keith Halloran whose LinkedIn profile lists him as an “advocate at PAUL HODES for SENATE,” the Democrats’ Senate candidate in New Hampshire? The photo certainly looks like him.

And what does Mr. Hodes have to say about the hatred put out on display from his supporters?

(cue cricket

He'll have to answer for it, eventually...this ain't 2008 any more, and with any luck, it never will be again...

UPDATE: What is it with Hodes' staff?

Halloran isn’t alone among New Hampshire Democratic leaders in wishing ill toward the controversial former Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

Natch Greyes, a staffer for Democratic Rep. and Senate hopeful Paul Hodes tweeted the following on July 21st: “I have to wonder if & or when @sarahpalinusa will learn the meaning of our state motto: “live free or die.”

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Conservative Libertine said...

And she's not allowed to say "lock and load" or "take aim" or they decry the violent intent. Actual violent intent? Well that's ok if you are on the left. Hell, violent practice is ok if you are on the left