Saturday, July 31, 2010

States Pile On Intrusive Taxes...

You're not just imagining it - everything costs more today. Why? You must pay, so that they may play...

Just a few of the tax increases being proposed amongst a number of states in order to make sure public employees can still get their raises, keep their benefits, and maintain their outrageous pensions:

Shoe repair -- The Pennsylvania state legislature is looking to add a 6 percent sales tax to the service.

*Watch repair and tailoring -- New York is considering taxing both at 4 percent.

*Bowling -- 26 states are already taxing the pseudo sport and several more, including Nevada and New Mexico, are looking to join the fray.

*Pool cleaning -- Indiana wants to join several other states in adding a 6 percent sales tax to what you pay your pool boy.

*Gym memberships -- Alabama wants your license to sweat to cost 4 percent more.

*Horseback riding -- Arizona aims to make horse owners pay 5.6 percent more to board horses on farms.

*Interior decorating -- Oregon, Colorado and New Jersey want to tack on anywhere from 2 to 6 percent in taxes on pro interior decorator services.

Change a watch battery, bowl a few frames, go to work out...even in the most mundane aspects of an individual's personal day-to-day life, the liberal welfare state feels empowered to step in, to monitor, to regulate, and to charge him or her a fee for every minor transaction, for every bit of momentary pleasure. Even the attempt to merely exercise one's body is now subject to government taxation.

And they wonder why a Tea Party rages, and why some speak openly of a Second American Revolution....

(interesting - how many of the aforementioned states have Democratic governors? Yup, just about all of them...)

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