Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bachman's Tea Party Caucus: A Clear And Present Danger?

Well, not to the American people. But to the Democratic party, its liberal apparatchiks entrenched within Congress and the bureaucracy, and to the media who nourish them all? Oh, absolutely.

Michelle Bachman wants to get this Party started:

Grassroots favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota plans to form a Tea Party caucus in the House.

“The House Tea Party Caucus will serve as an informal group of members dedicated to promote Americans’ call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and limited government,” Bachmann wrote in a Thursday letter to Rep. Robert Brady, chairman of the Committee on House Administration.

Bachmann said she plans to serve as the chairwoman of the caucus. Her communication director, Dave Dziok, said in an interview that the congresswoman was alone in forming the idea for the caucus, and that she will reach out to other members to join once the group is approved by House administration.

And Republicans aren’t the only ones welcome to sign up for the caucus, he said. “It’s absolutely open to every member, regardless of party,” Dziok said.

But here's my question: Can the House "administration" deny permission for the caucus to be formed? Let's put it this way - how can they not deny the petition to caucus?

After all, the NAACP (who's primary job seems to have become acting as a national whip for the Democratic party to keep the black vote in line, lest they become divested of their skin coloration and all the benefits retained therein) just declared the Tea Party to be
a racist organization. How can the Democrats allow a caucus to be formed in defiance of this statement? What would be next, a Klan Kaucus? (Ooops, sorry, Robert Byrd has already left the building)...

What about the feeling of Robert Menedez (D-La Raza), who claimed the Tea Party folks in New Jersey were "right wing extremists"? And what about Nancy Pelosi, who famously claimed that the entire Tea Party is mere "AstroTurf"? Why, it would make a mockery of her intelligence! And what of Representative Andre Carson - he of the mythological attack of racist insults from the Tea Party that no one else heard or could verify, despite dozens of cameras running? He claimed the Tea Party was one of the largest threats to our internal security. How can we let the terrorists form a caucus within the House?

And finally, what of Barack Obama? Can the House Democrats legitimize a Tea Party caucus who has made Barack Obama public enemy #1, after they have worked so hard to de-legitimize (through Congress and Party affiliates such as the NAACP and the media) them?

Either way, Michelle Bachman's simple request has put the Democrats in a bind. Approve the caucus, and you legitimize a group - whose popularity, unlike yours, continues to rise - whose primary purpose is to defeat the agenda the Democrats have worked so hard to impose upon the American people. Approve the caucus, and you make fools of all the aforementioned people above, as well as the NAACP, SEIU, and other affiliated Party groups.

Deny the Tea Party the right to caucus in Congress? Then you legitimize every complaint the Tea Party, and the "extreme right", has about the Democratic party - that is is elitist, exclusionary, and socialist bordering on neo-fascist by refusing to let the most popular opposition party in the nation caucus in the halls of Congress, a right extended to almost every other liberal group who petitions to form one, regardless of their irrelevance (the Congressional Bike Caucus (CBC)? Friends of Switzerland Caucus ? The Youth Challenge Caucus?).

The Democrats are in a bind, facing their own Kobayashi Maru, the ultimate "no-win" scenario. However the House Administration chooses to jump, the Democrats lose...

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