Friday, July 30, 2010

Chris Christie Has Already Saved More Jobs Than Barack Obama!

And in this case, the numbers are there to back it up:

Soon after taking office, Gov. Chris Christie heard Morris Township-based Honeywell International was considering fleeing the state.

So he huddled with company executives and fashioned a proposal to beef up tax credits — an incentive that led the company Thursday to promise to stay put.

“They were able to present to us the parameters of an offer that they had from another state that we needed to match to get them to stay,” Christie said at the campus, the workplace for about 10 percent of the company’s 120,000 global employees.

Honeywell proposed redeveloping the property to add new office facilities, a hotel and residential units...

12,000 New Jersey jobs saved, literally - not by stimulus, but by a tax cut. Somebody call the president! We have found a solution to our economic crisis! Oh, never mind, he's on the campaign trail, demagoging

Of course, local Democrats are throwing temper tantrums:

“I find it questionable that the governor can suddenly find money to increase handouts to a Fortune 100 business when he just vetoed the bills we labored over to provide health care to uninsured women and a homebuyers tax credit that would ultimately benefit small businesses,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said in a statement.

Sigh. OK, children, let's try this lesson again: Forcing taxpayers to pay for other people's insurance doesn't grow the economy. Paying people $10,000 to buy a home doesn't grow the economy either. Neither benefits small business; there is simply no connection there whatsoever.

But should Honeywell leave and 12,000 New Jersey residents lose their jobs - how much would that cost? In unemployment payouts, in state relief, in home foreclosures, in small businesses losing their customers and then shuttering themselves, leading to even more foreclosures and layoffs?

Sheila the Democrat doesn't know. Sheila the Democrat doesn't care. Sheila the Democrat only knows one thing: that big business = bad, forcing taxpayers to cover the abortions of uninsured women = good.

Maybe that's why Sheila the Democrat is seeing her party get its collective ass kicked?

And the Fat Man rolls on, gathering no moss, only more allies and supporters....

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H. Ome said...

Chris Christie has done a great job as it has saved more of the jobs then Barak Obama.