Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Conspiracy: The Forbidden Pictures

...and you wondered why the Obama administration has shredded the constitution in its effort to keep a news and image blackout on the increasingly disturbing situation in the Gulf of Mexico? Maybe it's to prevent you from seeing photos like these - photos that show how badly the situation in the Gulf is deteriorating while Obama and his cronies snub international aid in favor of arcane union work rules. Via Hot Air:

There's another 15 of these horror snaps at the link above...

Maybe if Obama had taken some of the help offered without worrying about offending his union moneymen, and hadn't ordered the Coast Guard to deliberately slow down the operation, kids wouldn't be playing in oil slicks this summer.

No wonder the president is getting grayer on a daily basis - when he and Rahm Emanuel blew up BP Deepwater Horizon in order to turn American into a windmill-worshipping Dutch state complete with overwhelming carbon taxation, our fearless leader didn't realize how easily things could get out of hand. Now that it has, he's dancing as fast as he can, changing the facts constantly, barring the media, and attempting not to waste this self-created crisis, even as judges overturn his erratic edicts while the hopes of cap and trade legislation actually passing Congress look slimmer by the day.

And while I've been saying this has been an Obama-directed conspiracy for some time ( see
here, here, here, over here, read this, and here, definitely read this, and this is somewhat related as well), others, such as the esteemed Steven Den Beste, are just getting on board...Instapundit links to Steven at the Greenroom:
Is there a different way to read the news lately?

The sane answer: they’re blithering incompetents. The paranoid answer: they’re doing it on purpose.

Glenn Reynolds asks, “Why is the Gulf cleanup so slow?”

The sane answer: because the Obama administration has sold its soul to the unions, and is reluctant to do anything that would make union leaders angry.
The raving paranoid answer: Because Obama wants this oil spill to be dreadfully harmful, because it will sour Americans on drilling in the ocean, and on oil (and other fossil fuels) in general. Never waste a crisis, my friends, and this crisis can help lead all the troglodytes (that’s you and me) away from their accustomed gas guzzlers and wasteful lifestyles towards the paradise of “green” energy and sustainable lifestyles.

Sure, mock me, call me paranoid. Go ahead. And then try to explain why HHS is setting up mysterious, secure facilities around the Gulf with no answers given or access granted?

Gee, I guess only a raving paranoid would ask that question....or Stephen King.

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Anonymous said...

The US Government has promised transparency in all matters pertaining to the Gulf Disaster. Maybe it is time to seek further assurances that the sea food is truly safe to eat, the air is truly safe to breathe and that the rains which are falling, supposedly to nourish the land, are not toxic at all. Assurances too that BP will pay your claims!! ....... And yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

A final word Mr. President: Are you feeding seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to your children? Are you going to send them down to the Gulf for a vacation, to play on the sand and breathe in the air? Will they go swimming in the warm waters also?