Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Because only a UNION hand can properly reach out of a toll booth!

It's interesting to watch New Jersey's state unions crumble under the fat fist of Governor Chris Christie. A good lesson for politicians nationwide - these guys are paper tigers. Yeah, there are a fair amount of government union members, but the public hates their guts right now (perhaps unfairly, but they are the easiest targets of the anti-government fever that is going around). And when these overpaid assclowns try to make the case for their entitlements in public, they usually make fools of themselves with inane and unconvincing arguments, and wind up accelerating the guillotine instead of forestalling it.

Case in point: The New Jersey toll-takers union, currently incensed due to a privatization report (commissioned by Christie) that noted the state could save over $42 million by replacing union toll-takers with their non-union brethren. Note what follows:

So toll takers had a meeting to vent. According to coverage of the meeting, toll-takers said privatization would lead to a lesser-skilled workforce on a road where quick response is a necessity. Huh? They stick out their hands for money from those poor souls who don’t have E-ZPass. How much skill does that take?

Franceline Ehret, a toll-taker for 25 years and president of their union, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 194, told the Star-Ledger, “It’s the major artery for the Northeast region — it’s the highest traveled road in the country, I think it’s sort of folly to put that in private hands.”

Really? Because I think it's sort of folly to pay an extra $42 million for you to stick out your hand to collect $0.50 from motorists to dim to get with the EZ Pass program. I can't imagine what difference the union label could possibly make - it's not as if you guys haven't been caught with your hands in the till, or haven't been rude beyond belief. So what am I getting for my $42 million?

Does anyone else hear a cricket chirping?

Take note, Republicans, take note of what is happening in New Jersey...

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