Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Conspiracy Wednesday: Is There Still Oil Spilling Into The Gulf?

Because you wouldn't know it based upon our president's recent comments on the crisis. For the record, Obama hasn't said a single word about the catastrophe - you know, the one that was a "top priority" - in over a week:

About three weeks ago, Obama offered a speech that was widely panned, but that declared, “in the coming weeks and days, these efforts should capture up to 90 percent of the oil leaking out of the well.” How’s that coming? USA Today: “The renegade well is gushing between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels a day, and current containment systems are catching around 25,000 barrels a day, [Thad] Allen said.” That’s a chunk, but that’s less than half of the high end number.

The president also declared, “make no mistake: We will fight this spill with everything we’ve got for as long as it takes… we must make a commitment to the Gulf Coast that goes beyond responding to the crisis of the moment.”
Well, a search of Obama’s speeches on the Washington Post website reveals he has not said “BP”, “gulf” or “spill” since June 30. I realize there’s a national holiday in the past week, but it certainly is hard to believe this is still the top priority if he can go a week without even mentioning it. Back on May 27, he was insisting it was his top priority.

And that containment figure of about 40% - 70% listed above? While way short of yet another of Barack Obama's uniformed, exaggerated promises, the truth is that some days there is a lot less contained. Like the days when Obama stops the cleanup so the Coast Guard can inspect skimmers for "safety violations". Or days like...yesterday:

BP continued talking about its latest tool, A Whale, a converted oil tanker that will hopefully clean thousands of gallons of water in the Gulf of Mexico daily even though skimming boats collected only three gallons on Tuesday. That amount is from the entire coasts of Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama, which have all been affected, combined. Many boats remained docked because of high winds and rough seas left from Hurricane Alex. While disabling the cleanup crews, the rough seas have also been strong enough to push oil over containment booms and barges that were strategically placed to keep most of the crude from finding its way to shore.

Of course, if Obama had just gotten himself and his inefficient bureaucrats out of the way, a lot of this oil would not be reaching shore; it would have been skimmed off earlier, or deflected by the berms the government prevented the state of Louisiana from constructing.

Maybe Obama thinks it will all go away if he just doesn't talk about. It would fit his snippish and childish MO. And maybe he has a point, as the media has no intention of being the instrument of his destruction. This isn't Katrina, after all - it's a Democratic president we are talking about here!

But Obama's abandonment of the Gulf Coast of the United States to it's oily fate is no surprise. After all, isn't this working out just like he planned it? Blow up the BP Deepwater Horizon rig, cut back on domestic oil consumption, increase government spending on politically-connected "green energy" companies, and force cap and trade taxation down the nation's throat. And destroy a slew of Red States , as added value. Then, to distract from this diabolical act of environmental/economic destruction, declare war against the state of Arizona, a war that he knows the media will gleefully support and use to push the Gulf spill off the front pages, and hopefully out of American minds.

Gee, it almost sounds like...a conspiracy.


Rick Beal said...

Awesome writing. I've been looking for someone putting the Gulf situation down this concisely. Please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

BP did lie to Obama and the country about how much oil was leaking.When the country found out(1 month later) what was REALLY happening with BP we EXPECTED OBAMA to act like a president.HE HAS FAILED and we live on the Gulf so we will never forget because this disaster will last DECADES.5 states have been affected but there could be more as the oil hits the Gulf stream.Obama does catch a break because it looks like Louisiana,Texas and possibly Mississippi are hand and hand with BIG OIL so they may say one thing but when the cameras go away they invite BIG OIL in to their home.

one more thing...SHAME ON YOU FISH AND WILDLIFE YOU COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS!!!maybe my grandkids will see the clean pristine aqua green water in the gulf again