Friday, July 02, 2010

New Jersey's Anna Little Wins "Ten Bucks Friday"

....thanks to your support in the poll posted on this website and many others....

Right Klik and Maggie's Notebook - the prime movers behind this fun and affordable grassroots effort, fill us in on our winner and how to throw our $10- towards tea party darlin' Anna Little (taking on the detestable and well-funded Frank Pallone (D) in NJ-6 this fall):

Anna Little reached out to Ten Buck Fridays supporters for support, and she surely got it. Running away with 42% of the vote in a ten-way race, Little is the hands-down victor in this week's Ten Buck Fridays fundraising poll.

TBF bloggers and supporters can be very proud of their support for this phenomenal candidate.
This week, we had a great lineup of conservative candidates, but I want to encourage everyone who voted in the TBF poll this week to rally behind the winner with a $10 donation. Some have an expressed a desire to give to multiple candidates, and that, of course, is strongly encouraged. (And don't forget, every week brings another winner.)

Anna Little is an ideal candidate for a TBF money bomb. She won the GOP primary despite a 10:1 financial disadvantage. Think about that: A $10 donation to the Little campaign could pack a $100 punch!

Warning: Anna Little is facing a well-funded Democratic incumbent. She and her supporters really need our help.

With our assistance, Anna, just like Chris Christie, can win in NJ-6.

Donate to Anna Little here.

*Don't forget to label your donation "Ten Buck Fridays!"

That last part is key - let's make sure the candidates know that this campaign is "paying"dividends!

And don't forget to drop $10- in Anna's hat before you take off for the beach this weekend, lest Frank Pallone get re-elected and declare July 4th to be an "international day of mourning"...

...our ticket to White House Victory ?


Anonymous said...

Christie/Little 2012! Thanks JN. We here in Swamp-6 are doing our damnedest to get this done. With everyone's help and TBF, you better believe we're gonna do it.

Mark said...

Go Anna. One goliath down, one to go.