Friday, July 09, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: A Conspiracy To Create Scarcity?

We've gone thru a lot of good reasons why Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel would conspire to blow up BP's Deepwater Horizon rig:

-to walk back prior statements about additional drilling
-to hurt red states bordering the Gulf region
-to force "cap and trade" legislation down the nation's throat in a crisis atmosphere, thus looting even more money from the private sector to pay for expanded government
-to set a precedent of controlling media access
-to eliminate oil drilling entirely, and hope that someone invents a solar powered car by next Thursday

The last reason is one that is fleshed out a bit more by... Reason, ironically, as they explain what the benefits would be to the powers that be of an "oil crisis":

Wanting—or creating—scarcity has always been a part of the leftist agenda, on the theory that scarcities create the need for government allocation and control. One of the greatest threats of the current situation is that environmental extremists will use it as a justification to further their misguided agenda.

Actually, this brings Obama's frantic push for health-care socialization into greater focus. National health care systems have always created scarcity and forced rationing (ask Obama's recent appointee, a big fan of rationing life and death); just think of the political pull Obama's apparatchiks would have once they have control over the flow of dwindling medical supplies across America. Who would not swear fealty to the powers that be in order to get a piece of that action?

And what would be different if the flow of oil - the ability to turn lights on and off, for businesses to open and close, the ability to avoid freezing to death in the winter and burring to death in the summer - was strictly controlled by Obama?

Same result. A massive increase in personal power for Obama, political power by the Democrats, and regulatory power by the bureaucracies involved.

Can you see why blowing up the BP oil rig was a no-brainer for Obama? Sure, it's a bit out of hand now, but he can still get everything he wanted, and now that's he stopped talking about it completely (10 days now?), maybe everyone will forget about that messy spill down in the Gulf...

If not, he can always send tanks into downtown Phoenix...

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